Motorcycle Tank Pads

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Motorcycle tank pads & protectors might seem like a little purchase, but they do a lot of lifting and go the extra mile! Never again have the heart sinking feeling when you arrive at your destination, glance down and see a scratch on your petrol tank. It’s easily done, but it’s just as easily prevented! A wide range of motorbike tank pads and protectors can be found below, and will fit a wide range of motorcycle manufacturers. Some can be cut down to size to deliver the perfect fit. All motorcycle tank protectors come with an ultra-strong adhesive, which will ensure that the protector doesn’t move and does it’s job without a moan.

We also stock tank grips which can be effortlessly applied to the side of your petrol tank, and deliver grip as you maneuver on your bike. These are often raised and have a sticky design, all of which ensures that you have the best grip possible and more control over your motorbike.

Here at BDLA Motorbikes we only stock motorcycle tank pads which we believe not only match, but exceed rider expectations and will deliver excellence long after their first ride out. As a result we only stock tried, tested and trusted riding brands at every price point. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider. This includes the ever present Oxford & MotoGP to name a few.

If you are struggling with your choice or would like professional advice simply contact us and we’ll put you back on track.

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