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We know that buying online has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, so we believe by giving our own tailored professional sales advice for customers ourselves we help to eliminate any concerns you may or may not have. This page has information regarding all our products and answers many of the questions that you may face while making your purchase. However if you still can’t find an answer to your question, you can contact us here and we will very happily get back to you within one working day.


  • Which size will fit?

Motorbike Helmet Size GuideTo correctly measure yourself, you want to use a flexible tape measure around the largest part of your head as shown in the image. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, simply use a piece of string or something similar, and then measure the string. If you plan on wearing a balaclava or anything else, then you would be advised to measure your head with the item of clothing on.

53-54 cms55-56 cms57-58 cms59-60 cms61-62 cms63-64 cms

The above shows all helmet sizes. If you happen to fall in between sizes, the vast majority of the time the smaller size will work out. This is mainly down to the fact that helmets will after time ‘give’ a little, as in the padding inside will start to form and shape around your head. So if it feels a little too snug when you first buy it, after a few wears it will be perfect! So you want to ensure that the helmet isn’t too loose either, as this suggests that the helmet doesn’t fit properly, and should the worst happen you wouldn’t want to find out the hard way.

The four different types of helmet:

  • Full-Face:

Your standard helmet which covers your whole face and comes with a visor.

  • Flip Helmet:

Looks like a regular full face helmet however it is able to ‘flip’ up at the front of the helmet around the chin, this allows commuters to ‘breathe’ on a summer day, or allow you to gain access much easier to your face than a full face allows. Also, many tourers are associated the the flip front style due to the fact that you can show your face in an area where public safety is a concern.

  • Open Face:

These are a more retro styled helmets where there is no chin protection. Associated with touring bikers and moped users. There are many types of open face helmets, as some come with or without visors as well as peaks.

  • Motocross Helmets:

These are very similar to a full face helmet, however they have the aesthetics more fitting to motocross rider.

All our helmets supplied with a visor come with a CLEAR visor, other visors are available at an extra charge here.


  • Jackets

Our jackets come with extra protection should the worst happen. This includes added elbow protection, shoulder guards and some times chest and back protection. They will most definitely help you in a bad situation more than your standard jacket would.  We supply both leather and textile jackets. Jackets can be waterproof, check your listing to find out whether your jacket is.

  • Trousers

Same again with the jackets. All our trousers come with added protection around the knees and hips. Most of it being light but strong plating. It will be stated on the particular product listing what your trousers have or have not. We supply both leather and textile trousers. Trousesr can be waterproof, check your listing to find out whether your trousers are.

  • Base Layers

All our Base Layers are designed with the rider in mind. We know that on a winters day, it can be a very harsh environment to be in and as a result the base layers will supply you with ample warmth, and in particular work even better when used in conjunction with other items in our clothing range. They also manage to keep you cool on a summers day by regulating your body’s temperature clever huh?


There are a wide variety of gloves sold here at BDLA that can fill any requirement (and more often that not fall under more than one category) below:

Race, Adventure, Touring, Commuting, Motocross Summer, Winter, Long and Short.

All of our gloves come with a varying level of protection. This can include any of the following: knuckle, finger and palm protection. Materials used in this include carbon, leather and kevlar amongst others. Our gloves are either leather or textile. All other information that you need should be found on the listing. Certain gloves are waterproof, check your listing to find out if your gloves are.

Knuckle MeasureIf you’re unsure what size you may be, simply measure around your knuckles (the widest area of your hand) excluding your thumb as shown in the image to the left.

Glove SizeX SmallSmallMediumLargeX LargeXX Large
Knuckle Size (Inches)6-6.57-7.58-8.59-9.510-10.511-11.5


There are a wide variety of boots sold by BDLA that will meet your needs. They come in a multitude of categories. These are:

Race, Adventure, Motocross, Touring, Commuting, Long and Short.

All of our boots come with added protection for the rider. This may include: ankle, toe, feet and shin. Some boots are waterproof, check your listing to see if they are.All other information that you need should be found on the listing.

Fitting guideline

UK Size345678910111213
Euro Size35.5373839.539.541424344.54647
US Size4567891011121314


Did you know over £130 million worth of bikes are stolen each year?We highly recommend you purchase an item to keep your bike safe. There are a number of ways that certain products will allow you to do so.

  • Ground Anchors:

A popular method of theft is to lift a bike up and put it in the back of a van. These aid in deterring criminals in the respect that it allows a chain to be wrapped through the anchor which you would securely bolt into the floor or wall of your surface of choice. This makes it nearly impossible for the anchor to be ripped out. This is obviously for home use as you can’t carry this around with you, due to the fact that once they’re in the ground, they’re in there for good.

  • Chains and Locks:

A very clear deterrent. We offer chains and locks in various shapes and sizes, check your listing for the exact measurement.

  • Cable Locks:

Same as above. However, these are more lightweight allowing you to bring them with you out and about.

  • Disc Locks:

Similar to above, as they are able to be carried around.

  • U-Locks:

Same as above. The name comes from there shape forming a ‘U’ to go round the wheel of your motorbike.

  • Alarms:

An active deterrent on any ride. If the bike is tampered with the alarm will make a loud noise to alert people in the area.


Want to protect your bike from the elements? Covers are excellent at preserving our bike and making the look and feel as good as new every time you ride it. The different types are listed below:

  • Dust Cover

A dust cover is ideal for bikers who want to keep there ride indoors in a garage or something similar. It will keep dust away from your ride and keep it relatively clean. However the cover will not be waterproof and should only be used in instances where you’re keeping the bike indoors.

  • Rain Cover

Most covers are waterproof to some degree, whether it be an Aquatex cover which supplies basic weather protection all the way up to an Oxford Stormex Cover which as the name implies, would protect your bike in harsher weather.

How do I know what size will fit my bike?

All of our cover listings have individual dimensions on the listings themselves.


  • What’s right for me?

The question we’ve always gotten is what luggage item is best suited for someones need. So there’s a small guideline below.

  • Bum/Waist Bags.

Best used when you ride your bike and wear clothing with little room for your essentials (phone, wallet, keys etc). They easily fit around your waist.

  • Backpacks and Rucksacks.

Most commuters used a backpack for there daily journey. Has more room than a bumbag and will allow you to take not only your essentials but something extra, such as your lunch. They’re also great for if you want to pick something up from the shops, and if you want to take an extra pair of shoes when you visit somewhere. Backpacks are great because you can also use them in everyday life, not just on your bike!

  • Tank Bags.

Tank bags, as the name suggests fit onto your petrol tank at the front of your bike. You can get both regular and mini tank bags, where mini tank bags are designed for essentials. Regular tank bags are aimed at being able to move large amounts of items and larger items around with you, almost like a suitcase for your motorbike.

  • Tail Packs and Panniers.

Tail Packs and Panniers fit on the back of your ride and when used together can enable you to take a lot amount of your belongings with you. Tail packs are around the same size and suit the same job as a tank bag, and panniers can be fit alongside the tail pack to compliment the volume of luggage.

All luggage items have there capacity measured in Litres.


  • Indicators

We offer stylish and more functional upgrades for your current indicators. Any of the LED range put basic low wattage bulbs in the shade. Their remarkable lighting energy is optimised by a new Honeycomb technology to make you more visible when maneuvering. All our indicators are of a universal fit and therefore can fit any ride.

  • Grips
  • Make your bike more stylish with the latest grips available. Our grips come with the rides colour in mind and therefore our range will fit just about any colour your bike may be.


    This is where everything else goes. Whether it’s a battery charger, or a tank protector, these are the essentials that help you in a number of ways. All the information regarding these items will be found on the listing.

    If you didn’t find the information you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us.