Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

  • HJC RPHA 12 Squid Game Motorcycle Helmet

Your motorcycle helmet needs a little love every now and then, so ensure you’re fully equipped to do so with the latest motorcycle helmet accessories! Not only should you properly maintain your motorbike helmet, as this can help prolong its riding life, you can also purchase neat little upgrades that go the extra mile.

Premium motorcycle helmet bags are great for touring riders looking for a home away from home for their lid. With many bags having specially designed lining, they take care of your helmet and look great doing so. Visor bags and carriers do very much the same, and in most cases come with a waist strap allowing for easy transportation on the go. Polish and anti-fog treatment for your visors ensure you’re still the envy of your riding group. Regular helmet maintenance can help improve performance and allow the lid to be at its best on every ride out.

Bluetooth kits are a great communication tool and can allow you to keep in touch with your fellow riders or loved ones when you’re taking on the open road. You can also listen to music & podcasts. Helmet locks are great for riders on the go, and allow you to safely and securely attach your helmet to your bike while you make a quick stop.

Here at BDLA Motorbikes we only stock motorbike helmets which we believe not only match, but exceed rider expectations which will deliver excellence long after their first ride out. As a result we only stock tried, tested and trusted motorcycle helmet brands at every price point. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider. These include Shoei, HJC, X-Lite, Airoh, LS2, Nolan & Caberg to name a few.

If you are struggling with your choice or would like professional advice either check out our helmet guide to get you started, or contact us and we’ll put you back on track.

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