Off-Road Helmet Peaks

  • HJC RPHA 12 Squid Game Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re in need of a replacement for your favourite off-road motorbike helmet, or you simply fancy a change then you’ll find the perfect replacement off-road helmet peak below. Over time, your motocross, trials and adventure helmet peaks can degrade, and you don’t want to be caught not looking your best! All of the peaks below are made specifically for each helmet, so you can rest assured they’ll fit straight on.

We always recommend that you carry a spare peak, especially if you’re involved in competition or are tackling a longer journey. You don’t want to be caught out at a pivotal moment if you have a tumble. Peaks are essential to most helmet designs, as they aid in airflow and create an intended direction for air to be vented in, and exit through the rear ports. When you start to see some general wear and tear you’ll feel a difference with a replacement!

Here at BDLA Motorbikes we only stock motorbike helmets which we believe not only match, but exceed rider expectations which will deliver excellence long after their first ride out. As a result we only stock tried, tested and trusted motorcycle helmet brands at every price point. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider. These include Shoei, HJC, X-Lite, Airoh, LS2, Nolan & Caberg to name a few.

If you are struggling with your choice or would like professional advice either check out our helmet guide to get you started, or contact us and we’ll put you back on track.

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